Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pamela Anderson, waltzes home and Train whizzes by in Week 7's........

On the week 7 elimination episode of Dancing With the Stars, Pamela Anderson, the magically babelicious pop culture icon who reduced Tom Bergeron to a 12-year-old boy, said farewell to sequins, fringe, and the daily execution of splits. Her poise, ability to assume characters, and sweet nature will be missed. Honestly, it seemed like she knew she'd be gone. She was calm and cracking jokes, as if she'd already had a decent cry before the liiiiiive taping. Due to a vague-sounding injury, Pam got to close out her DWTS experience in a lovely pastel princess gown and perfect makeup instead of a black pleather raincoat and streaks of sweat. Hey, you gotta keep it classy, even on reality TV.

Your votes had set the stage for a shocking elimination! I wouldn't call Pam's oust that shocking, but it did provide the graphics department with a great excuse to splatter sliver lightning bolts all over the contestants' headshots. I have to say, when Tom said ''One of these couples will be in the bottom two'' and the audience gasped, I thought it would be Nicole and Derek. Alas, the ''fast, furious, and fabulous'' Erin and ''her Russian'' could not survive the unflattering bloodbath (of light) of the dreaded bottom two.

My favorite part of Tuesday's show was Niecy's previously taped outburst backstage. ''Why do people keep asking me that? Did I think .............


Friday, February 26, 2010

URL Shortening

Every long URL is associated with a key, which is the part after http://domain.tld/. For example has a key of m3q2xt.

There are several techniques to implement a shortening.

Keys can be generated numerically in base 36 assuming 26 letters and 10 numbers. The keys in order would be 0, 1, 2, ..., 9, a, b, ..., z. If uppercase and lowercase letters are accepted then the number should be in base 62 (26 + 26 + 10).
A hash function can be made or a random number can be generated so that key sequence is not predictable.
Users can propose their own keys. For example, can be shortened to